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Counselor's Corner


Classroom Guidance:

Classroom Guidance lessons and activities during the month of January will be focused on growth mindset.  I will talk to the students about fixed vs. growth mindset.  In doing so, I will explain to the students that when someone is in a fixed mindset they give up easily, they don’t try things that might be hard, and they don’t believe that they can learn. When someone has a growth mindset they don’t give up, they believe they can learn and that, in a sense, their brain can grow. Students with this kind of mindset learn much better. We will also discuss the power of “yet” - adding yet onto the end of a sentence can make all the difference!  With these lessons, I plan to help prepare students finish strong the second semester of school. 


Career Readiness:

During the month of January, I will also do classroom guidance lessons and activities geared towards career readiness.  During the elementary and middle school years, sharing information and building awareness about higher education and career readiness opportunities is essential and easiest done. Building enthusiasm for career readiness can never start too early. With these activities, I plan to promote opportunities for younger students to dream big about their futures, share information, and build awareness about higher education and career readiness.