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Move to Learn

Woodley is Moving to Learn and Learning to Move. With the help of Coach Calhoun from @MovetoLearnMS our Wildcats learned the importance of living a healthy active lifestyle. @HPSD @HpsdSup
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MiniMuffins with Moms

There was an awesome turn out on Tuesday for the MiniMuffins with Moms. Thanks to all the parents who came out to support our Book Fair. Tomorrow is Donuts with Dads and Thursday is Grits with Grands. See you there!
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USM comes to ELEVATE the students at Woodley

On Fridays, students from the University of Southern Mississippi's ELEVATE outreach program are coming to Woodley to work with our 5th grade students to help build friendships, mentors and community togetherness. "The members of Elevate at Southern Miss strive to promote leadership and empowerment, provide exposure to a variety of career options, promote prosocial behavior, and endorse the importance of being responsible. What we want to have the 5th grade students experience from this organization is a new level of confidence that not only works in there life outside of school but also letting it transfer into the classroom. We believe that a student who feels confident in himself or herself will perform much better in the classroom just because they believe they can. We also want the students to have a chance to experience different careers options that could be available to them that they may not normally experience in school. Last but not least we want to teach students responsibility. We want to build a culture of competitiveness, this is so that the students understand that everyone in life does not automatically win. Now we are not going to do it in such a way that may discourage any of the other students but we do want it to be a level of wanting to perform better each week."-
Brandon Rue
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