Hattiesburg Shines at Mississippi State Junior Beta Convention

Rowan Elementary 

  • 2nd Place- Songfest

Grace Christian Elementary 

  • 1st Place- Book Battle 
  • 1st Place- Language Arts
  • 2nd Place- Language Arts
  • 3rd Place- Math

Thames Elementary 

  • 2nd Place- Technology 
  • 2nd Place- 5th Grade Science
  • 2nd place- Service Learning
  • 4th Place- Poetry
  • 4th Place- 4th Grade Social Studies 

Woodley Elementary

  • 1st Place- Technology
  • 1st Place- Apparel/T-shirt Design
  • 1st Place- Portfolio
  • 1st Place- Solo Talent 
  • 2nd Place- Book Battle
  • 2nd Place- Market and Communications
  • 2nd Place- Two Dimensional
  • 2nd Place- Service Learning
  • 3rd Place- Mixed media
  • 3rd Place- Service Projects (for highest number of service hours among elementary and junior Beta Clubs for the State) 
  • 3rd Place- Group Talent
  • Honorable Mention- Jewelry

Burger Middle School 

  • 3rd Place- Technology 
  • 4th Place- Performing Arts Solo, Duo, Trio
  • 4th Place- Portfolio 
  • 5th Place- Drawing
  • 5th Place- Book Battle
  • Honorable Mention- Fiber Arts 
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