Regular School Hours: 8:10am- 2:55pm

Morning Drop Off:

1. Students can be dropped off, beginning at 7:20am, on Stevens Street only (behind the school). The front of the school and any side streets (ie. O'Ferral, S20th and S21st) are not drop off locations. Car drop off is on Stevens Street only.

2. The left lane in the mornings are for PRVO drop off. The parents have to sign in PRVO students, which is why they are permitted to stopped and escort students into the building.

3. The students attending Woodley's PreK-5 must remain in the right hand lane. Please stay in your cars and wait for the car ahead of you to move.

4. We have staff at the corners to insure that the traffic on O'Ferral remains a lane for buses. Students should never be dropped off and told to walk across the street to the school.

5. Dropping students off before getting close to the ramp is also unsafe. The hill on Stevens Street is steep and slippery.



Afternoon Pickups:

1. Remain in your cars as your child is called for pick-up.

2. Do not go around any cars or barrels. They are in place to protect students.

3. We ask that students are picked up no later than 3:20. Students should not be instructed to wait on any side streets or businesses around the school. Car pick-up is on Stevens Street only.

4. If there are any changes in pick-up, a note must be written with the date/s and manner in which your child will be picked up. We do understand that emergencies happen. Emergencies those will be handled on a case by case basis.


A Few Clarifications:

  Between 7:20 and 7:45 students are arriving and eating breakfast. At 8:10 students are considered tardy. Students should be finished with breakfast and in class by 8:05.

  Between the hours of 2:00-2:50, students are receiving additional supports for instruction and given opportunities for social skill building. We ask that the students arrive to school on time and remain in school the entire day to increase academic achievement.

 The front of Woodley becomes a bus lane between the hours of 7:20am- 8:00am and again at 2:50pm-3:20pm. Only buses and after-school care are permitted on the road at this time.

 We do understand that it may pose an inconvenience to wait in line; however, for the safety of all students we request that all cars adhere to the directions given within this reminder notice.

School Uniform

Shirts: purple, while or gold polo style. No logos after than a quarter on the front chest

Pants/shorts/skirts/jumpers: Khaki or navy. Shorts, skirts and jumpers must be knee length.

Shoes: white, black, brown

Belts: black, brown, or clear. Belts should be worn daily

Jackets: Solid black, brown or navy. NO HOODIES