The Eye of the Tiger- Hattiesburg Zoo visit

posted Mar 8, 2014, 2:49 PM by Dena Davis

At Woodley Elementary school today, the Hattiesburg Zoo announced the addition of two Sumatran Tigers to the zoo’s animal collection. Two students were chosen from each grade (3-6) to help with the unveiling of this exciting information. The students got to hold some of the animals that you can see when visiting the zoo like a corn snake, rex rats, bearded dragons, and more. Coming to Hattiesburg from the Los Angeles Zoo, the two brothers will make their grand debut during a public unveiling Saturday at the Hattiesburg Zoo. The male siblings were born on August 6, 2011 at the Los Angeles Zoo and given the names Kuasa and Cinta. Today, the tigers each weigh more than 200 pounds and are much smaller than the zoo’s existing Siberian tiger, Tigger.  “Kuasa and Cinta are young and very active,” said Katie Barry, Animal Curator. “They love to play in the water and with as many toys as they can get their paws on. Their youthful playfulness brings an excitement that our patrons will find entertaining and educational as they watch these young brothers grow up.” Sumatran tigers hail from the Indonesian island of Sumatra, where it is estimated that there are currently between 400 and 700 tigers living in the wild. It’s important to emphasize the necessity to conserve the habit for these and all animals to the children of today, so that they will be around for future generations to enjoy.